If You Feel Stuck, Watch This

If You Feel Stuck, Watch This

(GivenUs.com) – Humans are natural storytellers. In fact, our entire existence, and much of our evolution, centers around our ability to conceptualize information and share it with other people. We create narratives to explain virtually every aspect of our lives, from how we feel to what we’ve experienced in the past.

As a species, we also constantly create stories about ourselves to ourselves, right within the confines of our own minds. All too often, these inner dialogues focus on the negative: We decide everything is our fault. We’re too fat, too ugly, too poor, not smart enough, incapable or just plain “not enough.”

We’ll never achieve anything.

We can’t.

This might be a normal part of being human, but that doesn’t necessarily make it positive or healthy. Tom Bilyeu explains in this motivational video why the stories we tell ourselves have the potential to seriously limit success:

The takeaway, here, is simple: If you repeat a thought often enough, you will eventually begin to accept it as fact. To flip the script, you just have to retrain your brain by actively countering negative inner dialogue with self-love, self-support and positive affirmations — even if it feels as if you’re faking it at first. Because when you do that for long enough, it will become your truth.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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