How To Balance Working Multiple Jobs

Working multiple jobs isn’t easy. Whether it’s two full-time jobs, a handful of side gigs, or even working as a parent- balance is difficult.

Juggling all of this can be exhausting, overwhelming, and will ultimately lead to burnout. Once you reach the burnout stage, your health declines and you’re forced to rest. The only way to avoid that stage is to manage your work before it leads to burnout. 

Although it can seem impossible to balance so many responsibilities, there are ways to balance multiple jobs without burnout. All it takes is knowing what works for you and consistently putting it into practice!

Prioritize Flexibility

The key to having two jobs is having at least one of those jobs be flexible for your schedule. Having two jobs that are demanding specific time is a recipe for disaster. They’re bound to be scheduled over each other or demand time that you just can’t give.

If one of your jobs is flexible, you can create a schedule around your non-flexible job. Then you have the freedom to work your flexible job outside of your other responsibilities. 

Enjoy Your Work

Enjoying your job is the best way to avoid burnout. If you have hobbies that you enjoy, turn them into side gigs! Making money off of something you enjoy will make it not seem like a job and will leave you feeling fulfilled. 

If you can’t do this with both of your jobs, at least enjoy one of them. It’s okay to work a job that only provides you money and not fulfillment, but it’s incredibly draining. Find your outlet of expression and discover ways to make money from it and grow in it. 

Stay Organized

Working multiple jobs calls you to be incredibly organized. Keep a detailed schedule, make to-do lists, and stay organized in the big and small things. 

The time that you’re supposed to spend doing your work shouldn’t be spent wondering what work you’re supposed to be doing. Plan ahead and stay organized so that you can be as efficient as possible when it’s time to work.

It’s also important to be in contact with both of your employers about your situation. They may be able to extend some understanding or offer more flexibility to your position.

Be Bold

Don’t be afraid to set boundaries for all of your working positions. You don’t have to do more than what it says in your job description, so don’t allow someone to tell you differently. Your time is precious, especially if you work multiple jobs, so protect it!

In addition, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Make sure you have a support system to help you stay connected and stay afloat. Don’t lose touch with your friends and family, they may be one of your biggest successes in working without burnout!

Schedule Rest

You have to rest! This is arguably the most important piece of not getting burnout while working multiple jobs. Avoiding rest time is the quickest road to burnout.

Scheduling this time of rest is an important piece as well. If you don’t schedule time for it beforehand, what’s stopping you from continuing to work? 

It may feel like rest is counterproductive at the moment, but it’s the most important element to juggling multiple responsibilities. Think about it like this: Rest is your fuel. If you don’t schedule in time to refuel, you’re going to burn out quickly. 

You’ve Got This!

If working two or more jobs is necessary for you, be encouraged that it is possible. Putting a few things into practice to avoid burnout and help you feel fulfilled will carry you to that paycheck. Put these into practice, keep a positive and  thankful mindset, and most importantly- learn how to rest efficiently!