The Greatest Power You’ll Ever Have

The Greatest Power You'll Ever Have

( – You have the biggest heart and would do anything for those around you. Unfortunately, there will be times when those same people don’t come in clutch in return. It’s devastating, and while it hurts, now is not the time to give up. The truth is that you already have the power within you — and Trent Shelton wants to help you find it.

Three Affirmations to Encourage You

  • Never give up. Important people in your life may let you down at one point or another. Teachers, parents, kids, even best friends. While discouraging to your psyche, don’t let it warp who you are. You are still that fantastic drive of nature you’ve always been. Get up, dust yourself off, and keep steadfast on your path.
  • You have the power. They walked out when you needed them most. This is devastating. When a pivotal person in your life, who’ve you relied on and admired walks out, don’t let it chain you down. Wipe your tears. God removes people from your life for a reason. And the thing to remember, is you’ve had the strength all along to get through this tribulation on your own.
  • Don’t forget this. Always remember that there are three types of people. Those who put you into a difficult time, those who helped out and those left you. Maybe you once relied on them. They could be family or friends. Remember that is on them, not you. Don’t let those you’ve counted on make you quit. Move on to bigger and better things.

You have the strength deep inside you to tackle life’s biggest obstacles. Unleash it now. There is no waiting for permission or for others to tell you when or how to set yourself free. Be the reason why you reach your goals. Love yourself enough to unleash the greatest power inside of you!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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