How to Overcome Shyness

How to Overcome Shyness

( – Have you ever felt awkward and uncertain around a new person or in a new environment? It’s a familiar feeling for anyone who is shy. Sometimes, it can even feel like it interferes with our ability to make new friends or comfortably interact in new social situations. Take a look at this short video that explains how many of us develop a shy persona in response to social conditioning:

Overcoming shyness isn’t easy. It takes practice and a willingness to get uncomfortable. Over time, however, we can learn how to be more at ease around people we don’t know. Here are a few steps we can take to overcome shyness.

We Can Start Small

Starting small can look like initiating a conversation, saying hello or simply agreeing to attend a social event. Taking even a small step is great practice for overcoming shyness. Over time, we may feel more comfortable being who we are around new people and less hesitant to start up a conversation.

We Can Admit to Feeling Uncomfortable

There’s nothing wrong with telling other people that social situations aren’t our favorite. Actually, showing a little vulnerability can be a way to connect with others. We might even identify another wallflower, or we could find ourselves talking to a social butterfly who’s more than happy to help us break the ice with others who are present.

Be Mindful of Body Language

We can make sure that we’re projecting confident body language, even if we aren’t feeling comfortable or confident. Avoiding crossing our arms or showing other closed-off postures is a good start. Open body language lets other people know, without having to say a word, that we’re approachable.

Learning to overcome shyness involves risk. We may fear rejection, but breaking past that barrier can yield great rewards including increased confidence and new possible friendships. It may be worth it to step outside of our comfort zone to take that chance.

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