You Can Make BANK By Taking These Surveys

Taking these surveys

No matter what stage of life you’re in, many find themselves juggling several jobs to make ends meet. The majority of college students try to work off their student debt while still earning their degrees. Taking surveys can make this juggling act a whole lot easier. 

Life is expensive, and there’s a way to earn some extra income without having to add more work to your plate. Online websites send out surveys that help you earn money in exchange for your response. 

Lucky for you, you can make BANK by taking these surveys online!


Swagbucks is a well-known website that will actually pay you to take online surveys. You earn “Swagbucks” through taking a number of surveys recommended to you. From there you, can turn them in for either gift cards or cash straight to your account! You can earn anywhere from 40-200 Swagbucks per survey, which is equal to up to $2 per survey.


LifePoints is another website you can make BANK by taking surveys. Surveys from this website are created in helping to provide feedback for future economic and business products and developments. The number of LifePoints you earn are dependent on the length and intensity of the survey itself. As you collect these LifePoints, you can redeem them for either Paypal credit or gift cards!


InboxDollars offers a variety of ways to earn cash-back! Options include playing games, watching videos, taking surveys, shopping at specific stores, and reading emails. Who would’ve thought you can make so much money by taking surveys and even playing games?! Surveys can take anywhere from 5-20 minutes, and you can earn up to $20 from one. When you first sign up for this website, they even give you a $5 bonus!

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is another survey-based website that also takes feedback on your browsing habits and behaviors! This app is very similar to the other websites in showing you how many points (cash) you earn as you go. The only downside is that Survey Junkie doesn’t allow you to cash out until you’ve earned 500 points.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost allow you to earn points through simply sharing your opinion and insights on certain topics! They ask for people’s insights on the world and send them to companies eager for feedback. You can get paid for giving your opinion- how easy is that? Each point is worth 10 cents, and you can earn up to 250 points per survey, equal to $25! However, bear in mind that like the other apps, it does take some time to rack up enough points to be able to cash in.

Toluna Influencers

Toluna Influencers is a survey-based and lets you choose the topics you want to take surveys about. In being able to choose topics that interest you, completing surveys will come much quicker and easier to do. Be sure to cash out your points regularly, as they expire within 12 months of earning them if not spent. 

These websites are just a few options for ways to earn some extra cash. Taking surveys and such aren’t overly time consuming like a regular job, and will help add more cushion to your savings if you’re diligent with them. Dedicate time out of your week to join and participate in these sites so you can keep bringing in extra money.