Should You Get Solar Power?

Get solar power

You’ve probably seen solar-powered homes or businesses before, but have you ever considered it for yourself? When you get solar power, you have access to benefits that you might never have even thought of. 

The sun brings you so many good things in life. Light, heat, and energy all come from this big ball of hot plasma. So why not take advantage of all the good things that the sun offers? 

There are plenty of reasons to start using this energy source. Keep reading to explore some of the benefits of using solar power. 

What is Solar Power?

The sun is the best source of energy to use simply because it’s considered to be inexhaustible. It will never run out of power, and life on earth would cease to exist without it. To harness this limitless power, all it takes is the right tools.

Solar power comes from a type of technology that converts sunlight into usable energy. 

For instance, solar panels are designed to capture the light of the sun and convert it into energy. These panels are filled with small silicon cells that absorb the sunlight in the daytime. These cells form a powerful electrical field that’s ready to send energy to your house.

From heating your entire home to lighting each room, solar power can help you power anything you need. 

Why You Should Go Solar…

Solar energy sounds pretty good in theory, but does it actually offer more benefits in comparison to non-renewable energy sources? Let’s dive into it.

The sun is a powerful energy source.

As mentioned before, the energy we can get from the sun is nearly limitless. There is so much we can do through the heat and light that the sun provides.

Because this energy is so readily available and widespread, it can be accessed anywhere on the planet. There’s no need for other power sources if you have the tools to harness power from the sun.

You can significantly reduce energy bills.

Energy bills are a looming cost on the list of your monthly bills. Electricity bills have risen a whopping 70% in the last decade. Even just in the previous year it has gone up 16%

If there’s any way to cut this down, it’s worth at least looking into. You may think that it would be more expensive to benefit the environment in this way. Fortunately, this is completely wrong!

Using solar energy can save you a ton of money because the electricity offsets your usage of energy. Once you get payback on your solar panels, there is not much you have to pay, depending on your weather and usage.

The cost of solar energy has gone down more than 60% in the past couple of years. That’s a lot of money you can save! 

You even can see a payback in as soon as 3-6 years. It’s time to stop believing that solar energy is only for the rich with such accessible price-points!

If you own a business, this affordability aspect could also prove to be a huge return on your investment. This short payback period helps to reduce the cost of your product production and increase your overall profits. 

Reasonable installation and upkeep.

You might be thinking, “Well, maybe the monthly cost is low, but the setup and maintenance must be horrendous!” Surprisingly, the cost of set up and upkeep may not be as much of a hassle as you suspect.

The cost of installation didn’t use to be so desirable. Not many people used solar energy, so it seemed like something out of reach for anyone below the upper class. Fortunately, the resources used for solar panels are much more readily available, making them significantly cheaper within the past few years.

The cost of installation, along with the cost of the overall payment, has decreased by over 60%. While the panels used to cost $8.50 per watt about a decade ago, it now costs roughly $3 per watt. That’s a huge change!

Newer can be better.

Not only is the price better in comparison, but it also is a better bang for your buck. Solar technologies keep growing to get more and more of that powerful energy from the sun’s rays. 

These solar panels also have the incredible ability to withstand harsh conditions and time. Many solar panels can even withstand winds up to 160mph! This means that your solar panel setup will stay sturdy in a storm similar to a category 4 hurricane. 

It’s good for the environment.

Using solar energy reduces your carbon footprint significantly. This source of energy is renewable, clean, and readily available. 

Other forms of energy may cause a heavy carbon footprint resulting in emissions and gases that cause global warming. If you get solar power, you could help make the air you breathe just a little bit cleaner. 

Not only does this power source help to save the environment daily, but it also saves energy to make. Solar panels take significantly less energy to produce than they use in their lifetime.

In addition, it’s also become a tremendous economic source. This field has offered hundreds of thousands of jobs to those who need them and will continue to grow over time. 

Tax and Property Advantages

Did you know that using solar energy also gets you tax benefits? The government offers certain tax advantages to incentivize people to start going solar. 

You may even be able to reduce your tax costs by as much as 50% just by using solar energy. 

On top of tax benefits, your property market value also goes up after solar power installations. This is a simple, straightforward way to increase your property value while keeping renovation costs low.

Will you get solar power?

There are many benefits to using solar energy for your home or business. Whether your goal is to save money or help save the planet, there’s no going back after you get solar power!