How to Make Quick Cash Tutoring People Online

How to Make Quick Cash Tutoring People Online
How to Make Quick Cash Tutoring People Online

Tutoring people online is a great way to make a little extra cash each month. The good news is, you don’t even need to have a teaching degree in order to be an online tutor. However, some online tutoring companies do require you to have a bachelor’s degree in the field that you wish to work within. Learn more about the different ways you can make quick cash tutoring people online.

Get Hired by an Online Tutoring Company

Getting hired by an online tutoring company is the easiest way to make money tutoring, because you don’t have to search for students who need your services. Remember, some companies do require you to have a degree in the subject you wish to tutor, and some may require you to have teaching experience and/or a teaching degree. So before you start applying for jobs, read the requirements for each tutoring company to make sure you qualify.

Advertise Your Tutoring Services Locally

If you’re skilled in a specific subject, you could advertise your tutoring services in your local area. There are always parents looking for tutors to help their children with schoolwork in subject that’s are giving them difficulties. To advertise your tutoring services locally, use online advertising sites, such as Craigslist. You can also use your own network of friends to find gigs by asking them to refer you to anyone they know who may need tutoring services. Just make sure to tell everyone you speak with that you tutor students online, not in person. This way, they understand that communication will take place through email, Skype, or other instant messaging platforms.

Check with Local Colleges

Local colleges often have work for tutors. In some cases, you may be required to tutor students at the college, but you may also be able to tutor students online using Skype to communicate directly with the student for the allotted time. Colleges also have bulletin boards available for people to post advertisements. Consider printing out fliers and posting them on bulletin boards around the college or even handing them out to students passing by.

Get Paid

If you work for an online tutoring company, you’ll typically be paid by a set hourly rate, and receive payment on a specific schedule. However, if you are offering your tutoring services locally, you have the option to set your own rates and payment schedules. It’s important to set rates that are reasonable and competitive without undervaluing your time and skill set. Before you choose an hourly rate, ask other local tutors, parents, and schools what the going rate is, and use the information you gather to set a fair rate for your own services.

The key to making quick cash tutoring people online is to drum up business for yourself as quickly as possible. The faster you land clients or an online tutoring job, the faster you start getting paid.