This Is Your Life

This Is Your Life

( – Psst — you! Yes, you. Come closer, and I’ll tell you a secret:

This is YOUR life. 

That may not sound like a secret, and yet forgetting this one fact can lead to a sense of helplessness, hopelessness and disempowerment. It may seem like life is outside your control. It can leave you feeling defeated. Or maybe you don’t feel defeated at all, but you’re sure that you’ll be happier when.

When you meet that special someone. When you get that raise or promotion. When you’ve lost that weight or achieved that goal you’ve set your sights on. If you’ve decided you’ll be happy when, you might forget to be happy now. 

This is YOUR life is a powerful statement. It means that, while you don’t have control over everything, you do have a near limitless number of choices to make every day. It’s more than what you wear or how you choose to look at the events that happen in your life. All day long, you have choices to make, and each one contributes to the kind of life you’re living — and your impacts on others too.

When you realize the full power of this, I hope you’ll choose to love harder. To be kinder. To wake up grateful and go out into the world to do some good. I hope you seize the day and make it exactly what you want. I hope it includes joy, love and laughter.

This is YOUR life. How are you choosing to live it? If it doesn’t make you happy, what are you willing to do about it?

~Here’s to Your Success!

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