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About Given Us

Welcome to GivenUs! “You’re Only Given One Life, So Live it Up and Live it Right!”

The crew here at GivenUs is and always will be dedicated to giving you all we can to bring you the best the world wide web has. We scour the web, research, work with our contacts and partners to get those leads and connections that give us the ability to have true and valuable insights that do not always show up on the surface. This type of intel as you know, is true journalism in the digital era, and obviously with trillions of web pages and searches to scour through these days it is very often so easy to mistake nonsense and fake or totally biased well written, or even horribly written content as truth…; when in fact, it is far from reality.

Most decently displayed content that is written and edited can appear to be equally legitimate. It is only when you get a team of experts together who can fact check, compare, contrast, and put the pieces together that you can actually truly put things to the test. Sometimes this even means going and attempting something at a trial run. Well that is what we do here at GivenUs. We go out of our way, and we move out of our comfort zone beyond the edge of simple “available” information and into the realm of what is going on beneath the surface, and or looking into the author’s and subtext to pull out the deeper lying details.

Now with our main focus on Education, as in Higher Development / Post Secondary pursuits, this may seem like we are going to intensely at something so regulated, but that is why we have dedicated resources to learning and sharing all that we find with you, our loyal readers, because it is not always so simple. We believe that people deserve to know how the systems work, how the money flows, how finances truly function when it comes to student lending, financial aid & grants, the differences between state awarded and federal pell grant programs, combined with scholarships, and other ways you did not even know you could cover costs for school. 

We also know that things such as debt consolidation and debt settlement are often confused and totally achieve different goals, and one ruins your credit for years and hurts your ability gain access to many necessary things, while the other is mostly all positive if you just understand how it all works. So whether you are here aspiring to reach new goals towards achieving a degree and a better career, or already have a degree, or simply just hoping to gain more detailed wisdom on how to live a better more rewarding life that can be gained with more knowledge; well, you’ve come to the right spot.

We share information to help you make sound decisions and get on the path to your dream career. Here, you’ll find information on various professions, as well as the educational requirements for each career.

Whether you’re looking to get started on your education right now, or planning for the future, GivenUs tries to help make the process as painless as possible. We are the one stop shop where you can find the information you need about careers you might be interested in, and maybe even get introduced to professions you never heard of or considered before! 

Our Company also owns and operates other websites, and together we are stronger in order to provide a full reach of well rounded value to our readers. So enjoy our mini news feeds as well, syndicated entertainment, and exclusive report articles, or even empowering self-help motivational lessons that will be sure to inspire. See You on the Inside!

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