Try This Small-Win Principal to Achieve Success

Try This Small-Win Principal to Achieve Success

( – Small wins often go uncelebrated, but every small win achieved is a step closer to reaching our ultimate goals. While in and of themselves, they may not seem noteworthy, they are the building blocks of future success.

By focusing on a single task rather than multitasking and taking our goals a step at a time, we are more likely to see them to completion. Here are a few thoughts to consider when evaluating small wins.

Compete With Ourselves

Success isn’t about being better than anyone else. With the exception of actual competitions, being successful in life is about doing our personal best and defining success by that metric instead of by comparison. To achieve small wins, we can focus on improving upon our own performance.

See the Big Picture

A small win may not help us reach the goal in record time, but it is a step in the right direction. It’s important to see the big picture. One small achievement is a stepping stone to the big ones — and it’s affirmation that we’re heading in the right direction.

Celebrate the Process

Small wins may not seem noteworthy, but by celebrating them, we give ourselves the encouragement to keep going. The celebration can be as small as sharing our achievement with someone else or jotting it down on a calendar, but we need to mark our progress to help power us toward further success.

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