Do Happy People Have a Success Advantage?

Do Happy People Have a Success Advantage?

Common wisdom tells us that success leads to happiness. Working harder leads to accomplishing more, which makes us happy. The theory seems sound, but it’s actually the other way around upon closer inspection. We’ll show you why happiness is your greatest asset and how it leads to success.

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Being happy isn’t merely a result of doing great things in your life. Happiness is the foundation for a successful career and personal life. It’s the edge you need to compete with others while being content with what you have. Stick around to find out how being happy benefits you and everyone around you.

Never Fall Behind the Pack Again by Being Happy

Happy People Are Productive

Being successful can make you happier, but being happy is a prerequisite for success. That’s a bit of a catch-22, isn’t it?

Think about this: have you ever met an employee or had a co-worker that’s filled with positivity and energy? It’s impossible not to notice the radiance from a person who loves their job. These people work hard and long without breaking a sweat.

Now, you don’t have to love every moment of your work to be successful, but it helps. You’ll achieve far less if you’re unsatisfied with your livelihood than others who love what they do. When you don’t have the passion for carrying you through the rough times, burnout becomes a significant threat. Successful people understand that happiness is necessary to make it in the long run.

Being Happy Makes You Healthy

Do you always seem to get sick, have low energy, or have trouble focusing on even the most basic tasks? Being constantly unhappy with your life could be the cause. In fact, chronic stress leads to many adverse physical and mental conditions. Depression, insomnia and heart disease are but a handful of conditions that arise from stressing out constantly.

Research shows that being happy is directly correlated with increased physical and mental health. Maintaining good health is essential for obtaining peak performance in your work and personal life. Figure what brings you pleasure and integrate those things into your daily routine.

Happiness Is an End in Itself

Achieving happiness is a significant motivator. Wealth and social status are some things that bring joy, but they aren’t the end goal. We earn money and respect from others to make us happy.

Being happy doesn’t solely entail that you only perform actions that are self-serving. Acting selflessly is still selfish in a way, but that’s alright. People are at their best when they’re happy and everyone benefits from the products of happy people.

Less Is More with Happiness

Striving for success is a future-oriented goal, but you won’t get there if you’re not satisfied with where you are right now. You don’t need to chase everything that brings you pleasure. Obtaining more than you currently have doesn’t necessarily make you better off. Cluttering your brain and life with more stuff has adverse effects on your life, even with things that make you happy. Being content with what you have right now is the key to being happy, productive, and successful.

Happiness is simultaneously a result of and prerequisite to success. You can take pleasure in your life without success, but you can’t have real success without being happy. It’s your number one edge on your path to success, so go out there and be happy!

~Here’s to Your Success!