Master the Video Interview With These Magic Phrases

Did you just get the message that a potential employer wants to snag an interview? Awesome! The big news? They want to do it via video conference. Now, you just need to figure out how to operate your video conferencing software, and you’re all set!

It’s a little more complicated than that. Even though you’re in the comfort of your home, you still need to bring your A-game and be prepared. Here are some magic phrases to help you master the interview and hopefully land the job!

‘My arms are part of my voice. They boost communication.’ 

Do you find yourself using a lot of body language while you talk? You might move your hands when explaining something or physically demonstrate how to complete a task. While it helps your brain work better and makes explaining a lot easier, other people may not appreciate it so much. Maintain eye contact, don’t slouch, and try to keep a professional demeanor.

Check if you Qualify

It’s important to use appropriate body language when video conferencing. Do a practice call ahead of time. If you find yourself moving around a lot, try to tame it a bit. If you still find yourself moving too much, simply apologize and give a short explanation why. “Sorry for throwing my hands in the air; I just got so excited.” 

‘Please repeat what you said. I want to write it down.’

With video calls, there isn’t always a perfect connection. It could be something on your end or theirs, but regardless, if there’s an interruption, it can have catastrophic effects. It might cause you to miss an important date, keyword, or memo, or you might not catch the time of a follow-up call. There’s a simple solution. Ask the caller to repeat what they said, so you can write it down or mark it on your calendar. 

‘I apologize for the interruptions.’ 

Video conference calls from home can be a productive and convenient way to conduct meetings and interviews, but there can be a major drawback — your family. Dogs barking, kids fighting, or a husband making odd noises in the background can be distracting and also embarrassing. 

Be sure to use your mute button if possible. Know where the chat box is in case you can’t talk. While we try to prepare and find a quiet spot, life may find a way to stir the pot. All you have to do is tell the caller, “I am truly sorry, and I apologize for the interruption.” 

‘I’m “Zoomed” out for the day. Can we just talk?’

Not all interviews are set up ahead of time. Sometimes, after a long and grueling workday, the computer rings unexpectedly. It’s your potential new boss, and he wants an interview on the spot. Don’t ditch the call. If your hair looks like it’s teased from the 80s, and you have mustard on your chin, however, you might want to skip the video portion of the call. Ask, “Can we just skip the video portion and do a chat?” They’ll likely understand, and you can carry on with the interview. 

Video conferencing is a great way to conduct an interview rather than meeting in person. It’s slightly less informal, but the process is equally as valuable and important. Going over some key points to cover is vital, but how you present yourself, as well as your appearance, can also make or break the experience. A little prep work goes a long way. Here’s to a constructive and productive interview!