4 Ways to Beat Boredom for Free

4 Ways to Beat Boredom for Free

(GivenUs.com) – Feeling a little bored and restless? Virtually everyone has struggled with this at least once during quarantine, but it’s pretty normal for hobbies and activities you normally love to occasionally feel like a chore. Suddenly, the idea of playing your favorite video game or engaging in your beloved hobby seems, well, ugh.

The reason this happens is simple: our brains are tuned to seek out new and exciting experiences. Doing the same thing over and over again just isn’t fun. So, feeling bored is really an important red flag that it’s time to switch things up.

Practical Psychology explains the best way to do that here:

How to Break Free From Boredom

  • Have a genuine passion. In order to stop boredom in its tracks, you need to have drive and passion. Find something new that moves you. It could be a hobby, including dancing, writing or golf. When you have that spark of excitement from engaging in your favorite activity, it lights a passion within.
  • Learn to meditate. Boredom rises from indecisiveness and scattered thoughts. The easiest way to beat that is to meditate. This is a peaceful sense of mindfulness that allows you to hone in on what drives you. It helps drown out negative thinking and can drive you to a better state of mind.
  • Take time out for exercise. Cure boredom by fueling your body via exercise. Knowing that you have that one sense of accomplishment can help boost energy levels, giving you the strength to do things you love. Physical activity can keep you busy and take up the time you’d otherwise be spending laying on the couch.
  • Focus on reading. Forget crappy TV shows and brain-cell zapping video games. Go back to the basics. Pick up a book and start reading. Dive in and get enthralled with it. Chances are it will motivate you to read more. This can help curb feelings of restlessness, and keep your mind active.

Boredom can overtake the mind, and that’s just not ideal. Both your mind and body need drive and stimulation. So, don’t be afraid to switch things up a bit. Before you know it, you’ll be busier and happier than ever before.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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