Make Your Mind Work for You

Make Your Mind Work for You

( – A cluttered mind is often a stressed-out one. But figuring out how to de-clutter your mind isn’t as easy as, say, cleaning out a closet or your car, especially when you have responsibilities to fulfill and work to do. Check out this short video for five brilliant ways to sort out your mind clutter:

Isn’t that amazing? With a few simple tricks, you can sort through the mess of your mind and be the most productive (and stress-free) YOU that you can be. Want more tricks?


Meditation is an excellent way to clear your mind. Focusing on your body and your breath, even for a few minutes, has numerous health benefits — including helping with anxiety, depression, stress and chronic pain. It also gives you a chance to put down the to-do list, so you can check in with how you’re really feeling. A few minutes of meditation every day can help put your thoughts into perspective and ease that sense of overwhelm.


Another great way to sort through the clutter of your mind is to create a vision board. What do you want to achieve? What goals do you have for your life? What inspires you? A vision board can be a wonderful way to create a visual representation of the life you want to live. You can make one online, or you can even cut out magazine pictures or other images to put on a physical board in your home. Creating a visual can help you focus on your goals — and sort out your priorities.

While studies on the effectiveness of vision boards have been inconclusive, many proponents believe that your mindset toward your goals is the most important factor in how effective they can be. If you simply daydream about an outcome without putting in the work, you’ll be unlikely to see success. If, however, you visualize the process and begin taking steps to achieve your goals, a vision board can keep you motivated to continue until you succeed.

Take a Break

When you reach a point where your mind is overloaded, it may be time to take a break. It won’t check any items off your lengthy list, but it will help you be more productive. Don’t take our word for it; research shows that taking breaks can help you be more creative and productive. When your mind feels cluttered, it may be time to give it a time-out.

Doesn’t it feel good to put your worries away for a minute? Whether you find inspiration to power through your list or encouragement to take a break, I hope you can use this video and these tips to clear out the clutter of your mind. Take a deep breath — and then go be amazing!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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