10 Most Popular Jobs for College Grads

10 Most Popular Jobs for College Grads
10 Most Popular Jobs for College Grads

Are you almost ready to graduate from college? Have you been searching for the perfect career choice? If so, now is a great time to begin your job search. Businesses are often seeking bright, young minds to add to their roster. The following ten entry-level jobs could provide you with an opportunity for growth, if you decide any of them are right for you.

Sales Associate

An entry-level sales associate position pops up on nearly every job search engine. Companies are always looking for employees who know how to work with customers and can keep them engaged and interested in what they’re selling. The median base pay starts out at $38,000, earning you a decent living the first year.

Research Assistant

A research assistant earns a slightly lower wage than the sales associate. The average yearly price sits at $28,855, which is still a decent living when you’re just starting out. Medical centers and research companies routinely search for new assistants to offer help on projects.

Teaching Assistant

Teachers have a hard job. They not only spend all day in the classroom, but have to spend their evening hours grading papers and preparing lessons for the next day. An assistant helps make these tasks a little easier. They can take over some of the lesson plans during the day and help grade papers after work. The median base pay is more than $20,000.

Administrative Assistant

Former students with a Communications major may be the most help as an administrative assistant. This person acts as a go-between from the client to the top executives. In this position, you will handle appointment scheduling, organizational tasks, clerical work, and much more. The median pay starts out at $37,230 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Account Manager

Businesses, particularly marketing firms, require account managers to handle customer relationships. You do not oversee the money, but instead visit with clients and answer phone calls to ensure they are happy with the services they’ve been receiving. You can earn $50,000 per year on average.

Social Media Manager

It’s no surprise a social media manager job is among the most popular in today’s day and age. Social media is everywhere and only continues to grow. Companies need managers who understand the dos and don’ts of social media, such as how many characters you can tweet at once and whether or not a particular photo breaks Instagram’s community guidelines. You will post to Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, and interact regularly with potential and present customers, earning a median income of $44,000 per year.

Software Engineer

If you’re looking to earn a higher yearly wage and understand Electrical Engineering or Computers and Engineering, a software engineer may be the job for you. You can make $90,000 per year on average as your base pay. You will be using mathematical analysis to test and evaluate software computer programs that ensure systems run correctly.

Case Manager

Perhaps you enjoy working with and helping people. A case manager position may be better suited to your skills. You can make $37,000 per year, although the amount varies depending on which job you take. You can work as a case manager for children, a case management nurse, or in the criminal justice field. In some states, you would need a civil service test in order to qualify.

Data Analyst

Earning you $60,000 per year, a data analyst job may be tempting. Information Technology, Economics, and Mathematics are some of the top majors that find work in this field. You will be responsible for translating data into information businesses can use to their advantage.


You’ve now made it through high school and college, earning yourself an abundance of knowledge. You can share this knowledge with others by taking a job as a tutor. If you majored in English, Spanish, or Physics, a tutor is the ideal career choice for you as students learning these subjects often find themselves needing significant help. The median yearly pay rate for this job starts at $36,000.

These jobs are just ten of the most popular; there may be many more out there to explore. There are plenty of opportunities out there for you to earn money right out of school. It is just a matter of finding the right position for you based on your skills and experience. Good luck on your search!