Anarchestra: Strange Musical Instruments Anyone Can Play

Anarchestra: Strange Musical Instruments Anyone Can Play

( – Music sets the mood. When people want to escape or just enhance their vibe, they reach for their favorite playlist. But there’s one person who has developed several unique instruments with a distinct sound that is as strange as it is fascinating.

Check out the video here:

Pretty cool, right? Given the interaction of junk and odd objects, his ideation combines sound with invention. And it fuels his mind to do more. How does your own creative side relate to his anarchestra? Let’s find out.

  • Dig into your creative side. Like the interactive art display, the anarchestra, we all crave to create. Whether it’s painting, sculpting or writing a poem, it can bring joy and enthusiasm to your life.
  • Think outside the box. Like the art contraptions of anarchestra, the creator thought outside of the box. The result? An interesting, yet beautiful, orchestra of sound and music. Something that inspires and draws others in.
  • Create new treasure. Share it with the world. We each have something unique to contribute, but we might need to dig deep at first to find it.

No matter what you create or how complex or simple the design, share it with others to see. Who knows? You may just inspire someone to create their very own masterpiece.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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