How to Break Phone Addiction

How to Break Phone Addiction

( – Oh my, are you checking your phone right now? Seriously, you could be addicted. While online time is fun, spontaneous and sometimes vital, breaking the habit of phone addiction can be mastered.

This Buzzfeed video offers some valuable tips.

Here’s how to break your phone habit:

  • Switch to black-and-white mode. Checking social media every 10 minutes — okay, every 5 minutes — can detach you from reality and take away the focus from your task at hand. Adjust your settings to black and white. The bland, colorless screen will be less tempting to scroll.
  • Mute conversations. Shutting off notifications, especially while at work, can help you break the cycle of checking your phone every few minutes.
  • Delete most apps. You know you love to catch up on Instagram and Twitter throughout the day. I mean, who doesn’t like following trending topics and celebrities? Delete these apps or only access them through your desktop.
  • Adjust screen time. There is a setting on your iPhone called Screen Time that will tell you how much time you use it and break it down in chunks. You can see what apps you use the most and what you are doing. This can be a great reality check.

Breaking a phone addiction takes time but it can be done. Sometimes a wakeup call is all we need to focus on the more important things in life.

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