5 Signs Someone Is Gaslighting You

5 Signs Someone Is Gaslighting You

(GivenUs.com) – Ever been in a relationship where you were made to feel less of yourself? Their daily buildup of belittlement and lies can make you question who you really are and whether you can trust your own judgement. This leads to confusion and self-doubt… but what if you aren’t the real problem?

Symptoms like these can be a byproduct of gaslighting. This term refers to a type of emotional abuse that leaves no bruises, yet can still be incredibly damaging. People who gaslight others often suffer from narcissistic personality disorder.

Career Contessa explains the warning signs here:

Is Someone Gaslighting You?

If you think you might be going through this situation yourself, you’re not alone. Nearly everyone experiences gaslighting at least once. Unfortunately, the warning signs aren’t always easy to spot — but you should look for these warning signs first.

  • Lack of confidence. You used to walk into a room with your head held high. Now, you question your appearance and if people even like you. This stems from negative feedback from the person gaslighting you. Think back to your greatest life moment and focus on getting your confidence back in check.
  • It’s always your fault. You’re made to believe you are the force of destruction in your relationship and life in general. The cut downs, blame and accusatory remarks. This is ammo a gaslighter uses to tear you down. Don’t fall for it.
  • You’re told you’re too sensitive. Gaslighters target those with sensitive personalities, but take it to the point that it tears them down. This leads to feelings of sadness and depression. Your sensitive nature means you have a kind heart — it’s the gaslighter that’s being problematic.
  • Not feeling the way you used to. Remember the days of being happy, vibrant and confident? Gaslighters strive to warp you into second guessing yourself, knocking down every ounce of your confidence. This gives them a sense of power and dominance. They will continue to manipulate if you allow it.
  • Bouts of isolation and loneliness. You’re left feeling lonely and isolated. This is perfect for the narcissist because they are now in control. They may call you crazy, or even suggest you’re overreacting. It’s part of the gaslighting package that allows the other person to feel control.

If someone in your life — perhaps a spouse, a friend or even a co-worker — is gaslighting you, it’s time to stand up for yourself.. Regain control of your mental health and take steps to remove yourself from their destructive path. You are exceptional and worthy of love. Life is too short to accept anything less.

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