The Power of Being an Introvert

The Power of Being an Introvert

( – Do you consider yourself an introvert? If so, you likely find comfort in the quiet solitude of life.

Sofja Umarik explains that there is real power in being an introvert in this uplifting video.

While there are some misconceptions about introverts, like they’re too shy, that’s not always the case. Here’s why you excel at being the powerful individual that you are:

  • You think before you speak. According to Time, a powerful trait of introverts is that they think deeply before they speak. This gives them an advantage over their extrovert counterparts, who may blurt out hasty responses. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?
  • You use quiet time to recharge. Introverts crave alone time. Using music to find peace or escaping to the park for quiet at lunchtime makes you feel safe. You know how to slow down and take time out for self-care and self-preservation.
  • You’re a self-starter. People who are tuned in to their inner selves thrive on being independent and working alone. Introverts are excellent self-starters and don’t need other people to help accomplish their personal and professional goals.

All of us have different ways that we thrive. If you crave your “me” time and flourish when you recharge by yourself, there is strength in that. Embrace your inner power and see where it takes you.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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