Could This Event Destroy Civilization?

Could This Event Destroy Civilization?

( – Our sun is the great power source that gives us light, sustenance and life. But could it also be our downfall?

Solar flares that erupt from the sun send massive waves of energy toward the Earth. Most of the time, they’re barely noticeable. But if they’re strong enough, they have the ability to disrupt electronic communications around the globe.

So will a solar storm eventually wreak havoc on our society, plunging us into darkness and effectively destroying the entire culture we’ve built?

Probably not.

We’ve encountered solar flares in the past, and the people in charge of our power grids are prepared for them. According to the video above, super solar storms only happen once every few thousand years — and because the sun is so far away, we would be able to spot such a storm several days in advance.

While a massive solar storm could temporarily disrupt our power grids, we can minimize the damage by shutting them down before the Earth is struck. So a decade-long catastrophe caused by solar flare probably isn’t in our immediate future.

It’s nice to be informed and prepared for anything, though, right?

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