“Make It Rain” Gets a New Definition

(GivenUs.com) – When you hear the term “make it rain,” what exactly does it mean to you? Rain money? Or maybe diamonds? There is some crazy stuff that happens out in the deep universe. Specifically, on the planet Saturn.

BBC Earth shares the extraordinary atmospheric weather conditions on Saturn. What the atmosphere around the planet generates may surprise you.

So how does this planet create such extraordinary beauty? Methane gas, which is found in abundance on Saturn, gets the process started, says NASA. From there, this buildup starts to generate huge clouds of silt. The pressure of the atmospheric air in this region of the universe likely turns the silt into diamonds. Yes, diamonds!

There is a downside. The diamonds don’t last long. Almost as quickly as they appear, they will eventually liquify. Those pretty little sparkles that so many earthlings know and love, just don’t last that long on that planet. Finding them on Earth is a much better option.

In the end, there is an upside! The reason they don’t last long? The gasses behave like liquid metal. And while it’s sad to see them dissipate, they actually release a ton of heat. This helps to drive Saturn’s weather.

So next time you hear “make it rain,” think of Saturn, where the diamonds flow freely. Like all natural wonders, they can’t last forever, but they do fuel something beautiful.

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