Why Small Wins Matter SO Much

Why Small Wins Matter SO Much

(GivenUs.com) – Feeling frustrated that you just can’t achieve your main end goal? You’ve worked so incredibly hard, but nothing seems to come together. Just when it seems as if you’ve taken two steps forward, you take another one back.

Are you really destined to struggle for the rest of your life? Absolutely not! The road to success is not a straight path. If you focus only on the failures, you’re overlooking what matters most, which is any progress at all.

Darnell Self wants you to celebrate even the smallest wins every time. That’s exactly what he talks about in this video from Mastermind.

You’ve already come so far with all of your ideas and achievements. If honoring your wins is the key to lasting success, why not give it a try? While they may seem like small wins, they really do matter!

Why Acknowledging Small Wins is So Important

  • It gives you a sense of accomplishment. To accomplish a large task, you have to work through a series of smaller steps. Credit yourself each time you move forward, even if it’s a tiny amount of progress. This will help you maintain a positive attitude. Give yourself the acclamation you deserve. Reward yourself with something special. Acknowledging the little actions will make reaching your major target so much more fulfilling.
  • It acts as a motivating factor. Sometimes the journey is half the battle. There may be setbacks and discouragement along the way, as Darnell explains. Celebrating small wins will help you stay motivated when times get tough, which feels phenomenal! It also encourages you to be steadfast and start hitting the path harder to reach the end result, so keep aiming high.
  • It evokes future success. You worked extremely hard to land that new client. You presented them with an excellent campaign and potential business outline, but they went with the other team instead. Yes, it’s devastating – but you still got paid for your work, and you’re able to use the material in another presentation. It can always be worse, so look for the positive. Use it to fine-tune your abilities so you’ll hopefully land the next job!

As humans, we tend to gloss over small daily successes, focusing instead on the end goal. But this can sabotage your success over time, which isn’t helpful. The only way to learn and grow is by experience, and yes, sometimes that means failing along the way. That’s okay! At the end of the day, reminding ourselves of what we have accomplished brings you one step closer to that big win.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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