Do You Have the 5 Insecurities That Kill Success?

Do You Have the 5 Insecurities That Kill Success?
Do You Have the 5 Insecurities That Kill Success?

Professional success — almost everyone dreams of it, but few attain the level they desire. Why? Most people don’t follow through. According to Forbes, a mere 8% of people keep their New Year’s resolutions, and the follow-through rate is similar for professional goals. Often, the lack of progress can be traced back to insecurities and fears that inhibit our actions. There are five insecurities in particular that kill success. Do you have them?

Overthinking Everything

Constantly worrying about the what-if’s and second guessing all your decisions can leave you paralyzed at work, unable to tackle even the easiest of tasks. What’s more, overthinking can make the thought of putting your neck out or asking for more responsibility terrifying. And if you can’t signal your willingness to advance to your boss, you likely won’t move up the ladder.

To stop overthinking everything, you first must realize when you’re doing it. When you notice your thoughts circling around one idea, change the channel. Do something to get your mind off the dilemma at hand. But don’t forget about it completely. Schedule a time to think about it later where you can focus your thoughts on actions that will solve the issue.

Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome affects everyone from time to time, and it can kill success. After all, how can you strive for more when you don’t believe you’re good enough or the right fit for the position you currently have?

To shut down imposter syndrome, recommends collecting and keeping positive feedback. Whenever you feel like an imposter, revisit the positive feedback and compliments you’ve received. If you’re brave enough, start a conversation about imposter syndrome with your coworkers or boss. They may be able to offer insights that will quell your fears.

Closed Off

Shyness, introversion, being closed off — whatever you call it — can make it difficult to develop the relationships at work that are necessary for advancement. Being closed off can also make it seem like you don’t care about your job.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to appear more involved and eager at work. Ask questions. Volunteer for a project or join a club or committee. You don’t have to become chatty and extroverted; just do a few things to advertise your willingness to be a team player.

Paranoid Thoughts

If you think people don’t like you, that they’re talking about you or cheering for you to fail, you may have a few paranoid thoughts bouncing around in your head. Paranoid thoughts will do nothing to advance your career, and they could even hold you back. You may be less likely to volunteer for extra work or a promotion if you feel like everyone is against you.

You can ward off paranoid thoughts the same way you can stop overthinking. When you find yourself doing it, change the narrative in your head. Don’t dwell on the negative thoughts. Don’t hesitate to find a therapist in your area if you need help.

Low Self-Esteem

Not feeling smart enough, pretty enough or likeable enough can really make climbing the corporate ladder a daunting task. If you have low self-esteem, be kind to yourself. Change the narrative you tell yourself. Instead of speaking negatively about yourself in your mind, focus on the positive things you bring to your company, like your strengths and skills. Remind yourself regularly how valuable and irreplaceable you are.

Insecurities can prevent you from reaching your professional and personal goals. Don’t let them. Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of your insecurities and nip them in the bud whenever they try to interfere with your life’s ambitions.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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