The One “Self-Growth Secret” You’re Missing

The One “Self-Growth Secret” You’re Missing

The Millennial generation is facing new career expectations and goals previous groups might never have imagined. And in some cases, they’re using outdated ideas in personal development to succeed when in reality, they could be taking an updated path. What do Millennials need to know to be happy and successful? In an article at Inc. Magazine, life coach and therapist Matthew Jones breaks it all down.

The Problem with Personal Growth

According to Jones, the old mentality of “climbing the corporate ladder” is still a major part of how people think about personal and career growth. Many people believe that if they follow the right steps, like going to yoga or becoming advocates for social justice, they can be happy despite having a meaningless career. But these people are missing out on the big secret: Personal growth doesn’t come with clear directions.

Success Isn’t a Linear Concept

Jones emphasizes the fact that growth and success are more fluid than most of us realize. Unpredictable things can happen, and despite our best efforts, it’s likely that we’ll encounter some setbacks.

We may go all over the place s we find the way. However you decide to move forward could be different from what others are doing, but don’t be afraid to find a calling that’s unique to you. Just because you choose to do something different doesn’t mean it’s going to fail. By taking a balanced approach to personal development and being able to adjust plans when they don’t work out, we are more likely to arrive someplace we want to be.

How to Get Perspective

So, how do you go about changing your mindset to one that appreciates some twists in the road? Jones offers three skills to develop:

  1. Invest in your growth. By consistently contributing to your goals, you’ll build a strong foundation of good habits that will lift you up when you’re faced with a change in plans. Create growth routines and adhere to them every day, even when you feel you don’t need to, to anchor yourself.
  2. Don’t get stuck. Remember that your path won’t be linear, and that’s okay. You’ll reach your goals eventually, but it may take longer than you expected or require some adjustments in your strategy — remember that creating routines doesn’t equate to staying in a rut.
  3. Trust the process. You’ve heard it before, but it really does work. Think less about the outcome you want and more about how your journey there is helping you become a better, happier person. When you love what you’re doing, you’ll find fulfillment in the process as well as the finished product.

Whatever your dreams, you can achieve them through a disciplined, trusting approach. The rules of previous generations don’t apply. Success is still out there, even if your journey might look a little different than the accepted norm.