The Right Way to Ignore Haters

The Right Way to Ignore Haters

( – There is one certainty in life: You’re bound to attract haters at some point. The goal is not to feed in to them.

The Philosophies for Life channel shares the certain types of people you should steer clear of and how to do it properly.

  • Set boundaries right away. No matter how hard you try, you can never please some people. Set boundaries with these haters immediately. No, they can’t call or come over any time of the day or night. Yes, they will hate you for it. Your boundaries will block their draining behavior.
  • Don’t reward them. Some haters love to manipulate to get their way. Trickery, ultimatums — you name it. Don’t reward them by giving in to their demands. Set ground rules and guard your inner self from their destruction.
  • Replenish yourself. Drama queens are a type of hater that allow their negative attitude to overspill into your life. Take time to recharge and replenish after you’ve dealt with all their drama.
  • Create that distance. Mistakes… you’ve made a few. What about that one hateful friend who always throws that in your face? Don’t take their negative, demeaning words any longer. Put some distance between you and that so-called friend now.

Haters aren’t always outsiders; they can be family members, friends and co-workers too. Learn to recognize the signs, so you can start protecting yourself and rebuilding your life.

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