Explore the World with These 6 Job Paths

Are financial issues holding you back from seeing the country you’ve always wanted to visit? There’s a wide variety of traveling jobs and careers out there that will let you live the nomadic dream and adventure through never-before-seen spaces. Try one of these six jobs the next time you want to take a stroll outside of your country.

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Craving a bit of travel? You can explore the world and get paid to do it, all at the same time. Try teaching and translating languages, nursing, the Peace Corps, airline attending, or sailing on for size. Find out more about these on-the-go jobs and how they can bring you to new and exciting places.

Never Feel Cooped up Again with These Exciting Travel-based Jobs

Teaching English as a Second Language Abroad

English is arguably the most influential language in the world. Internationally-operating companies rely on english speakers to many of their business deals. Many countries across the globe actively search for more english teachers in a bid to enable their youth to communicate, no matter where they go.

This is good news if you love the English language because there’s always a need for english teachers who are willing to travel. Most of these jobs are overseas, but many employers pay for your travel, and in some cases, even your accommodations.

As for what you need to get started, it’s surprisingly little. A short Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification course is often enough. Teaching online English courses is also an option, but you may have a harder time finding work because classroom settings are preferred with TEFL jobs.

Peace Corps and NGO Jobs

Volunteer jobs with the Peace Corps and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are an excellent way to travel. They also ensure you get to meet people from almost every culture, niche, and lifestyle at the same time. You’ll spend your days providing aid for communities struggling to be self-sufficient or those recovering from a disaster, giving back to the world for greater good.

The Peace Corps will leave you with plenty of stories and experiences to share with others when you finally move on. The pay isn’t always the best, but the variety of experiences makes it worthwhile. Plus, it looks great on a resume.

Language Translator

Being a translator is perfect for anyone with a passion to learn new language. In fact, translators are consistently in demand, even right here on home soil. You’ll have few restrictions on where and when you want to work.

As for how you can offer your services, you have options. Travel guides and business negotiators are an option, as are certain government embassy positions. Schools, hospitals, and call centers all hire translations, too, as do law enforcement agencies.

Flight Attendant

Being a flight attendant is harder work than it may seem on the surface. Not everyone is suited to travel all the time, and training isn’t easy despite what the movies would have you think. Stick with it, though, and you can visit a wide variety of places and have access to free flights for years. Massive discounts on airline tickets, rent, and hotels also makes this a great choice for the wanderer at heart.

Yacht Sailing

Oh, Captain, my Captain…Cruising across the globe on someone else’s nice, expensive boat is an excellent way to see the world. The only drawback? It takes a bit of time to work your way up to a navigational role, so it’s not an immediately available option for absolutely everyone.

Starting as a steward(ess), chef, or deckhand on a cruise ship isn’t as cool as being the captain, but it can help you get your feet wet. Food and lodging are also covered, so you’ll have minimal expenses while you sail abroad.

Traveling Nurse

You don’t need a specialized career to travel the world; in fact, some of the most classic jobs are precisely what’s needed. This is especially true for nurses, who often work in some of the most challenging environments and exotic countries even though they train right here, in the United States.

The drawback here is that you will need to finish a registered nursing (RN) degree before you get hired. This also includes some practical hands-on interning for local hospitals on home soil. Once you’re ready, you may find yourself surprised at just how many jobs are out there.

Getting to explore the world is no longer just an option for the rich. Now, more people than ever are becoming true nomads by working abroad. Traditional careers and freelancing gigs are equally viable for explorers, so don’t be afraid to diversify!