You Don’t Owe Anyone Your Soul

You Don't Owe Anyone Your Soul

( – Has someone done something nice for you? Feel you owe them in return? This can harbor resentment on both sides and make moving forward uncomfortable.

This video by Inspirational Nomad explains why no one owes anyone anything:

If you move forward with the mentality of pure giving, you can let go of owing anyone anything.

  • Let go of the guilt. A coworker bought you lunch at a pricey restaurant, but you have a tight budget and can’t return the favor. You feel bad, so you ignore the person, and the friendship is over. You don’t owe them anything. Let it go. If you can take them to lunch, great; if not, it’s okay.
  • Don’t harbor resentment. You gave up hours of your day to help your neighbor with their leaky roof. That was last year, and they barely said thank you. Feelings of bitterness can build and tear you down. Don’t hold on to resentment.
  • Consider it a blessing. Say you gave someone $100 because they were short on grocery money. It felt good to help. Unless you mutually agree that they will pay it back, they don’t owe you anything.

Feeling you owe someone something can eat away at your soul. This leads to sadness, guilt and anger. Don’t let the resentment of owing someone crumble your psyche. Let it go!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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