5 Random Facts You Won’t Believe

5 Random Facts You Won't Believe

(GivenUs.com) – Are there some parts of life that just leave you wondering in amazement? You aren’t alone. It’s a big world out there, and that means there’s plenty of interesting things to discover and marvel over. Take a few seconds to learn about a few of the best with this video by The Bright Side.

These facts are pretty interesting, too:

  • Pac Man video game designer Tohru Iwantani said his inspiration for the ravenous, yellow character came from viewing a pizza missing one slice. Do you see the resemblance?
  • A blue whale’s heart is huge! It’s about the size of a small sedan. And you can hear it beating from almost two miles away!
  • Dolphins are a very social bunch! In fact, they have their friends and family all on speed dial by using special vocal whistles to identify, call and communicate with one another.
  • Originally, bubble wrap used to be a type of textured wall covering. Two pieces of shower plastic were sealed together to create the perfect look. Now, it has many more uses.
  • The Facebook “like” button was supposed to be the awesome button originally. We can all agree: why didn’t they make that a reality?

What are some interesting facts you know that most people don’t? Being armed with interesting info is a great way for you to steal the next conversation at a house party or the company water cooler!

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