4 Soothing TV Shows to Binge Watch Now

4 Soothing TV Shows to Binge Watch Now

(GivenUs.com) – During these uncertain times, we need something to turn to and focus on as a distraction from the pandemic. Why not relax to a new series? Here are four great shows you can curl up to and get your mind off things for a bit.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

For a relaxing afternoon of comic relief, Larry David delivers with the Curb series. Based on Larry’s own experiences, the Curb pokes fun at life and its little mishaps. Prepare to laugh as the characters wing their lines to form a non-scripted story that will take your mind off of all your troubles.

Seven Worlds, One Planet

Nature lovers won’t want to miss this incredible documentary series. The intriguing voice of David Attenborough pulls you in as you discover animals and their environment like never before. These untold stories feature animal behavior that’s mesmerizing and soothing at the same time.

The Great British Bake Off

Do you enjoy cooking shows? This celebrated series takes a group of chefs and tests their skills and ingenuity in the kitchen. Not only is it relaxing, it’s full of tips and recipes that you can try at home.

Moving Art

This Netflix series captures art as you’ve never seen it before. Absorb the sights and sounds of elegant flower gardens, serene forests, underwater marvels and some of the most powerful elements on the planet.

Go ahead and unwind for the night. Grab some popcorn, a chocolate bar and a fuzzy blanket. These shows can give you that touch of ambiance you need to carry your worries away.

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