How to Handle Life When You Feel Weak…

How to Handle Life When You Feel Weak…

Perhaps you’re going through a difficult change such as a move, death or divorce. Maybe you’re experiencing multiple changes at once or you’re just not sure when the hard times will come to an end. It’s normal to go through periods like this in life. When you’re feeling weak and not sure how you’ll manage another difficult day, don’t lose hope. But it’s not out of your control — and there are things you can do to get through until this time (thankfully) passes.

Take a Step Back From Unnecessary Activities

If you’re already feeling weak, either physically, mentally or both, now is a good time to step back from extracurricular activities. This might include projects or groups that require a lot of your time, such as being a board member on the PTA or volunteering with your favorite organization three days a week. Don’t allow yourself to feel even more drained or rushed to handle issues outside of what you’re currently going through.

Schedule Self-Care and Relaxation

Make time to relax and take care of yourself. This is different for everyone, but you can consider ways that help you feel your best. Perhaps a long walk or other exercise, time outside, or pampering such as going to a spa or even having your own, homemade spa treatments and taking it easy. Or maybe you’d rather have a long nap or a lazy day where you don’t go anywhere or deal with any phone calls, and just focus on your own needs. Whatever self-care means to you, now is the time to apply it to your life.

Talk With Someone About How You’re Feeling

If you’re feeling weak in any capacity, sometimes it’s helpful to know you don’t have to go through these feelings all alone. Consider talking to someone you trust who can give you hope and guidance. This doesn’t need to be a professional. It can be a good friend, a spiritual advisor, or even someone who has been through similar instances in their own life.

Going through issues that make you feel weak can be disheartening. While living with these experiences can seem difficult, understand that they don’t last forever. Take extra steps to take care of yourself, and step back when you feel overwhelmed. This applies to anything, from pushing yourself to keep the house looking perfect to taking on additional responsibilities at work. Talking with someone else can help you understand you’re not alone, and it can give you the courage to press forward.