Watch a Husky Ask for What He Wants

Watch a Husky Ask for What He Wants

( – You may be bold, but are you as bold as this furry canine howling for his order at the drive-through window?

In this adorable scene, a lucky car passenger captures a husky as he tries to get the attention of a drive-through worker. He sticks his head and paws out the car window, clearly determined to ask for his own hot mug of joe as the driver pays for their order up front.

Either that, or he just really, really wants the guy in the window to tell him he’s a good boy.

The cool thing about dogs is that, unlike humans, they don’t have filters. They’re not afraid to ask when they want or need something. It sounds like a pretty liberating way to live, doesn’t it?

What if you had the same kind of confidence as this husky? Okay, maybe not the jumping and barking part. I’m talking about the confidence to ask for what you need. Believe it or not, it’s okay to go after your needs — even some of your wants — with boldness and enthusiasm.

In fact, sometimes it’s one of the best ways to succeed. Just take it from the husky — he knows exactly where he’s going.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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