Top Tips To Help You Fall Asleep After a Stressful Day

Now more than ever, American adults are showing alarming levels of daily stress. In addition, experts estimate that 10-30% of American adults are affected by insomnia, which high stress levels can cause. 

How do you protect yourself from sleepless nights when your days are full of anxiety-inducing stressors? These relaxation tips will help you fall asleep more quickly and effectively, even after a crazy day. 

Find Relaxing Scents

Studies show that specific smells physically relax your muscles. Some of the most calming scents are lavender, sage, vanilla, jasmine, and vetiver.

When you start your nighttime routine, burn a candle or turn on an essential oil diffuser incorporating these scents. Doing this will tell your body that it’s time to start decompressing. 

Have a Self-Care Routine

Self-care is essential to your hygiene routine. So don’t just brush your teeth, rinse your face, and call it a day- take the time to give yourself a little extra love!

Heat up a towel to open your pores and find a fun face mask that will treat your skin to some extra nutrients. Also, incorporating a little bit of self-care before you go to sleep will help you fall asleep in a much better mood. 

Get In Cozy Clothes

Comfort is a major component of effective relaxation, especially when it comes to nightclothes. Comfy pajamas help keep your body at an ideal temperature and are typically made with fabrics that feel soothing on your skin. 

Before you head to bed, find your fluffiest robe and your softest leggings to sleep in. Taking the time to change into pj’s allows your mind to transition from your daytime stress so that you can begin to unwind. 

Journal Your Thoughts

A major culprit of sleep deprivation is racing thoughts. Check in with yourself and notice your thought patterns. Is there a stressful situation or a burdensome person that keeps occupying your mental space?

Grab a notebook and set aside a few minutes of your time to journal whatever is on your mind. This reflection helps you to release your anxious mental energy so that you can let go of your worries before you fall asleep. 

Meditate Before You Sleep

In order to destress, it’s vital that you set your mind on positive and relaxing things. You can do this by meditating before you go to sleep or even while you’re lying in bed. 

Click the link below for a relaxing meditation video that guides you toward deeper sleep: