This Is the World’s Most Dangerous Road

This Is the World's Most Dangerous Road

( – Have you ever freaked out when traveling down a curvy, desolate road? Well, this road will give that one a run for its money:

Tucked into a desolate mountainside deep in the heart of Bolivia, South America, this single-lane dirt road lives up to its name as being the world’s most dangerous road. Here’s why.

The road has its own nickname. North Yungas Road has been dubbed “Death Road” by the locals. This super-scary “travelway” is only 12 feet wide! That’s barely the width of a small-sized sport utility vehicle. Rising above a 15,000-foot drop, this long stretch of gravel has few guard rails and nowhere to pull over if a large bus carrying travelers races by.

Poor weather conditions are the norm. This ravaged mountain path claims an estimated 200 to 300 lives each year. One quick jolt of the wheel could send your vehicle tumbling over the edge, and the wet weather known to the area can trigger erosion and falling rocks.

A sweet reward at the bottom. If you can get past the poor visibility due to heavy fog and make your way down the mountain alive, a real treat awaits at the bottom. One of the biggest animal sanctuaries, La Senda Verde, is nestled there. Spend a day or two amongst monkeys, leopards and parrots, right in the heart of their habitat.

If you’re interested in living on the edge, and we mean literally, start planning your trip today. Adventure awaits!

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