Why Is This Song So Familiar?!

Why Is This Song So Familiar?!

(GivenUs.com) – Have you ever had a tune stuck in your head and been unable to figure out the name of the song?

Well, perhaps that’s because every pop song starts with the same five notes. Okay, maybe not every song. But oddly enough, there are more than you might think. Check out this video for the proof:

This clip points out a hilarious truth. Some of the most popular songs of our day have almost the exact same opening melody.

That’s right. Some of today’s favorites like “They Don’t Know About Us” and “Let Her Go” by Passenger and “What Are Words” by Chris Medina start with a strangely similar tone. It’s subtle enough that you might not notice listening to the songs separately — but when you put them together, it starts to sound comical.

The titles I mentioned above only scratch the surface of the songs that start off with this catchy tune. Great artists think alike, am I right?

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