Extraordinary Kids With Superpowers

Extraordinary Kids With Superpowers

(GivenUs.com) – When it comes to the skills we’re born to possess, some people are more gifted than others. Our abilities make us unique and form us into who we are. And then, there are some super humans who put everyone else to shame.

Undiscovered Worlds shares stories of kids who bear amazing alleged powers:

Some people have abilities that appear to go beyond the basic senses. According to the video above, here’s what some of these kids can do:

  • Super intelligence. Many kids are tested to have very high IQs. The video highlights an 11-year-old dubbed “Star Boy.” He was able to speak at 2 months old and, by 1 year, was reading newspapers.
  • Math whiz. There are many math buffs who excel at numbers, but a girl in India surpasses that. This literal human calculator can solve complex math problems quickly and accurately in her head — faster than a computer.
  • Pyromania. A girl from the Philippines claims to have pyrokinesis, and the people of her village believe she’s a real-life fire starter. While this could be a dangerous gift, it’s an amazing one too.

It’s important to highlight your greatest gift. We each harbor a special talent that makes us stand out. Now is the time to showcase these skills. No matter how big or small, show it off. What’s your superpower?

~Here’s to Your Success!

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