Unexpected Degrees from Online Schools

Unexpected Degrees From Online Schools


Let’s face it —the world is changing. More and more people are seeking online degrees due to their convenience and flexibility. It seems reasonable to believe the types of degrees you can earn online are limited, since there are so many careers that require experience outside the classroom. But they aren’t as limited as you might think. These are a few online degrees you can pursue that might surprise you.

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You may not think you have much variety when it comes to taking online college programs, but there are actually many opportunities in remote learning. Would you expect nursing, teaching, occupational therapy, and pharmacy to have degree programs you can take online? Read on to explore these fields and find out how you can begin earning your degree.

Take Advantage of These Unexpected Online Degrees.


Are you looking to build a career in nursing? Believe it or not, you can start earning your Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in nursing right now through an online school. Eventually, you’ll have to get licensed and complete training in a more practical setting before you start in your field, but you don’t need to take your courses in a classroom.

Nursing is also a fairly profitable field. BLS.gov predicts the industry will grow by about 15 percent over the next decade alone. Moreover, most Registered Nurses make around $70,000 a year.


As with nursing, an education degree requires you to apply your knowledge through fieldwork before going into the workforce. However, there are numerous online teaching programs available, including  early childhood education, elementary education, and special education. Program availabilities include online education degrees at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate levels.

Although you can take courses online, you’ll have to gain experience through student teaching so you can get licensed. The number of hours you need to be licensed varies between states; your state Board of Education can give you exact requirements upon request. Becoming a good teacher takes time, dedication, and plenty of firsthand experience.

Occupational Therapy

Given how hands-on occupational therapy can be, you might not expect you could earn an online degree in this field. To pursue this career, you’ll need at minimum a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy (MScOT). Students must complete real-world training to show they can apply their skills, then take the NBCOT certification exam. If you study for your MScOT from home, you will complete these segments through local organizations who have partnerships with your chosen online school.  Online OT programs can start you off strong on your career path.


Earning an education in pharmacy takes time and dedication, but like these other degrees, you can study to become a pharmacist online. First, you must earn a Bachelor’s degree, which will make you eligible for a Doctor of Pharmacy program.

While you can study for your Doctorate in Pharmacy from home,  you may also need to spend at least a year or two in residency. Most states also demand that students take a three-part licensing exam and adhere to continuing education guidelines in order to qualify for bi-yearly license renewal.

Becoming a pharmacist  may sound like a large task to take on, but it’s worth it if you’re interested in medicine and you’re excited by the idea of an average salary of over $120,000.

It might surprise you that you can take online classes in these highly-skilled, intense and hands-on fields. But it is more than possible, especially for students with time constraints. The rewards you reap when you graduate are every bit as valuable as if you attended a brick and mortar university.