5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Switching Your Major

before switching major

The U.S. Department of Education posted that 30% of undergraduate students had changed their major within three years of initial enrollment in 2017. The same post stated that about 1 in 10 college students changed their major more than once.

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There could be a million things running through your mind when considering such a big change, so here are some questions to help you make the best decision. 

1. Why do I want to change my major?

You may want to change your major for a few reasons. It’s important to think about why you want to act on this before anything else. Changing your major could cause significant shifts in your life that you might not have considered. 

Many students come into an undergrad with certain expectations for their career path, only to find out they don’t enjoy it. During your first year of college, it’s beneficial to take a wide range of classes to see if you’re missing out on a hidden skill or appreciation. 

Make sure to set an appointment with your academic counselor before you decide. Their job is to help you through your course schedule and provide information about what each major entails. They may give you insights into credit hours, workload, and semester costs that may waver in your new academic path. 

2. What are the pros and cons of my decision?

Ask yourself what good things could come from this change. A big reason college students switch to a new major is the potential to make more money. It is good to weigh out the demands and costs of different majors. You don’t want to get burnt out doing something you hate just for extra cash. 

More importantly, look at what you may have to sacrifice when making this kind of decision. A possible con to changing majors is how much time it may add to your graduation date. Among many other possibilities, do the pros outweigh the cons?

3. Is the grass greener on the other side?

Even if you speak with your academic counselor, you should research your new major. A significant reason 1 in 10 college students change their major several times is misinformation. You may be changing your major because there are certain dealbreakers you didn’t know about when you started. 

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If you inform yourself well, you may have a better experience with your new decision.  Something to be aware of is your genuine excitement about the major you’re pursuing. If you are not enthusiastic about your new career path, it may be a red flag that you will get burnt out. 

4. Does this new major match my skillset?

Any major you choose should align with your skillset. Knowing your strengths over time may even be why you’re considering making the switch. If you play to your strengths, you are more likely to succeed in the path you decide to pursue. 

5. How does this change affect me after college?

Any major comes with varying job opportunities. What will those opportunities look like? Think about the careers you want to pursue and if this new major will help you achieve your goals and desires. 

Many people say they don’t use their undergrad, so you want a versatile degree to help you in whatever career you end up doing. If you decide to change your major, make sure that it can cater to various types of potential work. 

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