The Secret to Emotional Maturity

The Secret to Emotional Maturity

( – Navigating the ship of life means conquering the ebbs and flows as they come to you. And oh, boy, do those ebbs and flows come. Some people fall apart at the slightest iceberg, while others know how to lean and stabilize themselves until they pass. Why is this? How can some people manage their emotions with ease, while others lash out or have a difficult time?

Psych2Go explains:

So, what’s the secret? How can you breeze through life’s trials and tribulations effectively without falling apart — and without turning to toxic behaviors?

  • Draw healthy boundaries. Having someone take advantage of your kindness can create feelings of hopelessness and anger. When you tell people no or that you can’t fulfill their request, feel confident about your choice. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, saying no is a positive thing. It means you know what’s best for you, and what isn’t.
  • Be aware of your own actions. Own up to being wrong. You made a mistake. Now you may have to suffer the consequences. While you made an error, you pay the consequence and learn the valuable lesson behind it. That means you won’t do it again or tear yourself down about it.
  • Think before you jump. You’re emotionally mature because you analyze the situation first. You take a bird’s-eye view of what’s going on before you make a quick, rash decision. Knowing the consequences means you’re thinking in a healthy way. Jumping in blind is impulsive and can be incredibly damaging.

Emotionally mature people want to make good life choices and react in a mature, healthy manner. That doesn’t mean things will always be easy; there will be times when you still feel overwhelmed. But thinking things through and responding with a good attitude to life stimuli is a sign of high emotional intelligence. Life is too short to not protect our heart and mind.

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