The Mood, Hormone, and Chocolate Connection

The Mood, Hormone, and Chocolate Connection

( – We all know that chocolate is delicious. We likely don’t need convincing to consume the bittersweet treat, and yet scientists have given us another reason to love it. Research has found that chocolate also has many health benefits. It can impact our moods and our hormones — happily, in positive ways. While that may be a science we absolutely want to believe and will take no convincing whatsoever, let’s take a minute to review the facts:

If watching that video didn’t have us tempted to fill our carts up with chocolate and race to the checkout, these health facts may do the trick. Chocolate has an incredible number of benefits. Here’s what we know:

  • Dark chocolate contains serotonin, a known mood booster.
  • Eating dark chocolate can lower the risk of depression.
  • Chocolate consumption has been linked to improved cognitive function.
  • Consuming dark chocolate can lower bad cholesterol.
  • Chocolate has been linked to a lower risk of having a stroke.

It turns out that chocolate, especially dark chocolate, isn’t just a guilt-free snack. It’s a healthy option that could have you feeling happier, staying healthier, thinking faster and even living longer. Chocolate is no longer a self-indulgent treat but a delicious way to practice self-care. Enjoy!

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