These Strange Trees Look Alien

These Strange Trees Look Alien

( – There are so many species of trees on the planet, it would be almost impossible to see them all. But what about the ones that really stand out? Maybe look alienesque?

The Top Fives YouTube channel shares some of the most outrageous, alien-like trees on the planet. Check it out:

Here are some of the most outrageous ones:

  • Rainbow eucalyptus. These trees are incredibly unique. They look as though they were splashed by a slew of paints in an artist’s loft. Colors range from bright neon shades to soft pastels. The cool part is, as the tree ages and new bark sheds, the colors change. Truly like something from another planet.
  • Banyan trees. The Banyan is native to India. Its tree trunks are warped and tangled, and it can live to be over 250 years old. The interesting part about this tree is the abundance of branches and roots that entangle it. The appearance lends a never-ending feel and gives off a supernatural vibe.
  • Dragon’s blood tree. This tree stands out among the others. It has a straight trunk but with branches that appear molded and shaped like bonsai at the ends. The most prominent part of the tree is the red, sticky sap that looks exactly like blood. Locals believe it keeps dragons and other mythical creatures away.

All these trees have some sort of unearthly feel, whether it be through appearance or folklore. Their unique characteristics make them stand out in the forest, and each of them is well worth seeing. Whether common or rare, they are all worthy to add to any bucket list.

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