Do This to Relax Quickly

Relax quickly

Life is chaotic. It doesn’t take much to start feeling an overwhelming wave of stress. You need tools to help you relax quickly and get out of that anxious funk. 

Sometimes it’s necessary to calm your body first so that you can think rationally enough to calm your mind. Luckily, there is easy ways to relax quickly that you can do at any time.

What is the Japanese hand method?

This method of calming soothes your physical body and emotions all at once. Many therapists teach this method to their clients because of its surprisingly positive effect on calming emotional disregulation. 

Each finger on your hand represents a feeling you may struggle with. By placing the emotion you’re experiencing into a tangible form, you can focus on calming it much more effectively.

How does it work?

Each finger represents an emotion that you feel. Wrap each finger from the opposite hand around the finger of the emotion you choose to focus on. Hold this pose for a few minutes and focus on the emotion you are now holding in your hand. 

Thumb- The thumb can help with mental anxiety and excessive worry. It can also help with grief and emotional pain; some even believe it helps with crying.

Index- The index finger is responsible for fear. This can help to calm panic symptoms or help when you feel unsafe. 

Middle- The middle finger is the representation of anger. This can involve feeling resentful, rageful, or even just annoyed. 

Ring- The ring finger is often associated with sadness. This can help if you are depressed or just feeling blue.

Pinky- Lastly, your pinky finger represents a decrease in negativity, insecurity, and self-doubt. Using this finger may increase confidence and optimism. 

Bonus Tip

Pressing your thumb onto the palm of the other hand and holding it helps to sustain a calm mind. Many people swear to this method, and now you can too! Try it out to relax quickly.