7 Advantages You Gain From Personal Growth

7 Advantages You Gain From Personal Growth

(GivenUs.com) – If we compare human growth to plant growth, we can easily see that if we’re not actively growing, we’re likely stunted, ill or withering away. None of those factors are positive. Personal growth is important throughout the lifespan. It helps us become adaptable, manage challenges and live our best lives.

Here are seven clear advantages you can gain from personal growth.

Better Health

When we focus on personal growth, we’re often healthier. Part of this is due to a growth mindset that naturally leads to better choices. The focus on self-improvement can be a motivating factor for us to make informed decisions about food, activity level and even our environment. When the focus is on getting better, it often takes on a holistic component where we pay more attention to the body-mind connection.

Healthier Relationships

We also tend to have healthier relationships. There are likely two key reasons for this. First, when we are attuned to learning and growing, we’re less likely to continue to repeat mistakes in relationships. We tend to recognize patterns of behavior in ourselves and others and may be more invested in breaking unhealthy cycles by changing our own habits. Not only does this help us avoid unhealthy relationships, but this can also help us strengthen healthy ones.

Secondly, this emphasis on personal growth often leads to a healthier relationship with ourselves. We aren’t waiting for partners to heal our past problems, give us self-esteem or make us feel worthy. We’re taking responsibility for our own sense of self and our own healing. This leads to stronger, healthier relationships.

Less Stress

We tend to manage stress better. Because the focus is on progress and improvement, we’ll be more likely to search for solutions to problems, practice coping skills and generally prioritize self-care. A personal growth mindset also tends to create behaviors that reduce stress like having firmer boundaries and limiting time around toxic people.

Break Toxic Generational Cycles

People who are learning and growing tend to become better parents who choose to break toxic generational cycles. Instead of repeating the parenting behaviors of previous generations, we are open to learning new ways that are based on new information about child rearing and child development. This can also help us encourage an atmosphere of growth within the family where children feel free to live, learn, and even make mistakes within a safe and loving environment.

Stronger Resilience

We also tend to be more resilient. Much of this shift is down to the mindset. We understand that setbacks happen and life comes with challenges. Rather than feeling defeated by them, we learn to navigate difficult times through better coping skills and relying on strong social support. We become more resilient as we continue to face and overcome challenges.

More Success

It’s no surprise that more personal growth leads to more success. Instead of passively allowing life to happen to us, we tend to be motivated to follow our dreams and make success happen. It could look like going after that big promotion, networking to advance our careers or even just forming good working relationships with others and building our brand. Success tends to follow when we learn, grow, and take personal responsibility for our actions along the way. This mindset creates strong leaders, great team players and a powerful work ethic.

Greater Happiness

Personal growth also leads to greater happiness. With better health, less stress, and healthier relationships, we also tend to be happier. While learning and growth can be uncomfortable, we understand that the effort is worth it. We may make mistakes along the way, but we own up to them and keep trying to do better. One of the best advantages of doing this is we usually end up happier and loving the lives we’re living.

There are numerous advantages of personal growth. It can enhance our lives and the way we look at the world around us. Like growing a garden, the nurturing we put in can often yield big rewards.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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