How to Win the Lottery 14 Times

This Man Won the Lottery 14 Times

( – Do you have big dreams of winning the lottery and taking an early retirement in the Maldives? Many people do. Too bad the chances of winning big are zilch to none. Unless, of course, you happen to be the star of today’s post.

The Bright Side explains in this video how this lucky (and innovative) man won the lottery 14 times in a row!

His secret may lie in what he actually does for a living.

A Born Mathematician

An advantage Mandel has over many people is that he’s a mathematician. Being a numbers guru can help make winning a little more predictable, although it also takes a bit of pure luck when it comes to matching up the right numbers!

Mandel used combinatorial condensation, his fancy term for the personalized algorithm he used to hit the winning numbers. Studying the times certain numbers have hit in the past can be a possible predictor for future draws; increasing ticket purchases is another helpful strategy.

Pooled Efforts

Mandel used friends and investors to help fund his projects. He knew the more tickets he could purchase, the better his odds. If you and a bunch of co-workers play together and split the profits, there’s a higher chance you could hit the right numbers too. Just don’t try to game the system like Mandel did; there are laws in place now (because of him) to keep syndicates from buying every possible combination and splitting the winnings.

The lottery might be rigged against you, but people do still win every week. The more you spend on tickets, the more chances you may have at becoming a millionaire. While it’s always a risk, you surely can’t win if you don’t play!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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