Ever Wonder How to Start Your Own Country?

Ever Wonder How to Start Your Own Country?

(GivenUs.com) – What? That would be a dream come true for some of us — to have our own country and rule the world. Wait, can it be that easy? In a slim possibility, it likely could be. Maybe not the ruling the world part.

It is possible to create your own micronation by declarative theory, which means you claim the land whether or not other countries declare it valid. Or you can do it by constitutive theory, which requires at least one other nation to take you seriously and deem your country legitimate.

Either way, you must first acquire a patch of vacant land on the map.

Liberland, a young micronation between Serbia and Croatia, was formed this way. Its founders created a permanent population and a defined territory to claim their stake. So where do you start?

You must purchase an island at least 200 nautical miles away from established land or overtake an existing plot. Defining your borders is a must, and you must have control over them.

You’ll also need a government or source of administrative power. Maybe elect some pals from your college debate team? As long as they’re willing to relocate, right?

You’ll also need security, goals for your land, some type of economy and a justice system in place. These must be drafted in your constitution as you share your vision with the world. From there, you must generate relations with other states and surrounding countries.

Sound easy enough?

It might take some clever planning and a stroke of incredible luck, but you can start your own country. Grab your favorite bunch of pals and put your thinking caps on. You could be running the place like a boss and living your best life this time next year!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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