Should I Really Wear a Mask?

Should I Really Wear a Mask?

( – The big question on the minds of most people is, “Should I really be wearing a mask?” The answer is most often yes, especially as indicated by the CDC. This video by AsapScience may explain why.

A homemade independent study using two sets of test dishes — one for mask wearing and one without — surfaced some interesting results. Here are some reasons why a mask may be worth wearing:

  • Coughing. The lab results showed no droplets landed on a petri dish when the wearer coughed through a mask, which means the mask does a great job keeping mucus particles contained. On the other hand, a small culture showed up in the opposite one, where the subject was not wearing a mask.
  • Talking. The researchers found similar results: No bacterial growth when the study participant was wearing a mask.
  • Sneezing. The difference was most noticeable in the sneeze test. The mask prevented fluids from going through, making it a safe bet to help keep viruses and bacteria as contained as possible. However, the unmasked sneeze caused bacteria to grow across the entire petri dish.

The conclusion? Masks really are a safe bet at slowing or even stopping the spread of COVID. This means if someone is sick, wearing one makes them less likely to spread the droplets to others. The proof is in the pudding; it’s time to mask up!

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