Interviewers Can’t Stand When You Do This…

Interviewers Can't Stand It When You Do This


You’ve finally landed that interview. GO YOU! The job seems perfect and you seem perfect for it, too. If you really want to make a great impression, start your interview off right by avoiding these common mistakes interviewers can’t stand.

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There’s nothing worse to an interviewer than a candidate who shows up totally unprepared, but things can get much worse if you aren’t careful. If you don’t follow their dress code, are late, have a negative attitude, give a terrible handshake or lie to them, you’re almost guaranteed to lose the job before you ever get hired. Here’s what makes these simple-yet-impactful behaviors such a problem.

Avoid These Interview Red Flags at All Costs!

Don’t Forget the Dress Code

It’s a sad fact, but people are going to judge you on your appearance – this goes double for the workforce. Jazz HR asked 500 employers if they’d hire someone who came to an interview wearing inappropriate clothes for the job. Nearly three quarters of them said they wouldn’t. Know the company’s dress code before you go in and choose your interview attire accordingly.

Don’t Be Late

Part of being a responsible employee is getting to work on time, every time. Consider your interview a test in punctuality. Nothing short of a catastrophic event should keep you from getting there as scheduled. Take possible traffic and weather conditions into account when estimating travel time.

Don’t Be Negative

You might feel tempted to bad-talk your previous employer, especially if you left on bad terms, but it won’t win you any brownie points in an interview. No one wants to hire someone who might bring negativity or drama into their workplace, so be careful about the impression you’re making. Keep your dialogue positive, and don’t forget to smile and make eye contact.

Don’t Give the Cold Fish

Not much gives a worse first impression than a damp, limp handshake, and if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of one, you’ll know that sort of yuck sticks with a person. Studies have shown a good, firm handshake can set an entire tone, making a person look more favorable even when other first impressions aren’t so great.

To get the right grip, allow the webbing of your thumbs to meet while lightly but firmly tightening your fingers around your interviewer’s hand. Offer a quick, firm shake and then release. Practice with a friend if you need to.

Don’t Lie

One of the easiest ways to tick off an interviewer is to lie. Employers need to know they can trust you, so don’t blow your credibility over a little white lie in your employment history. Besides, if you’re not really qualified for the job, it will become evident in your work performance soon enough. Why put yourself through all that?

It’s not that hard to nail your interviews as long as you keep a professional attitude. Who you are as an individual is as important as the skills you have to bring to the table. Present yourself with warmth, honesty and confidence, dressing to impress, and you’ll start receiving those callbacks in no time.