An Important Lesson in Doing the Right Thing

An Important Lesson in Doing the Right Thing

( – Should you always do the right thing? Even when it means going out of your comfort zone to do it? BBC Earth shares this heartwarming tale about their crew stumbling upon some trapped penguins in this video:

The crew saved the day! Would you be able to say you’d do the same?

Just Walk on By

We’ve all seen someone stranded on the roadside or a frail woman asking for cash on the street corner. Our first thought may be to help, but then we may quickly talk ourselves out of it.

It’s easy to turn away, but in reality, lending out your phone for a minute or passing on that extra $20 from your car console could be someone’s saving grace.

You Can’t Help Everyone, But At Least You Can Help Someone

Like the BBC crew, we can’t help everyone, but assisting one person out of a bind can be rewarding. Remember, there will likely be more joy in your heart for lending your time than what the other person gets out of it.

Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

You stumbled upon a wallet at the grocery store. You pick it up, and it has a few hundred dollars in it. Your check was short this week, and if you used the cash, no one would know. It’s not right to take it, though, so you don’t. Sometimes thinking the situation through and following your intuition is the best choice.

Been faced with a tough situation or decision to make? You may be in a hurry or have to step out of your comfort zone, but your reaction can make a stellar impact on other people who happen to cross your path. Choose wisely.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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