7 Secrets to Analyzing a Person

7 Secrets to Analyzing a Person

(GivenUs.com) – Reading people can be tough. Everyone is unique, and there are many nuances and exceptions to consider in social situations.

That said, there are methods available that can help you learn more about people. If you’re looking to improve your social skills, these strategies may give you some insight into the type of person you’re dealing with.

Monitor Their Expressions and Body Language

If you’re talking to a friend or new acquaintance, you can often learn a lot about them by watching their expressions and body language. Posture, mannerisms and eye contact give away more than you might think. For example, good posture can sometimes showcase confidence, while a lack of eye contact may indicate nervousness or discomfort. Body language is just as important in conversation as the words themselves.

Pay Attention to How They Treat Others

How a person treats others is a major indicator of their true personality. Are they polite to strangers? Do they treat customer service and waiting staff with the same level of respect they would treat a co-worker or boss? Even if someone acts a certain way with you, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll act the same way with everyone else.

Watch Their Reactions Under Pressure

How does a person react when something doesn’t go as planned? Watching someone’s ability to adapt to change can help you understand them in a much clearer light. People who are adaptable tend to work better in fast-paced environments, and they can maintain composure in the face of the unexpected. Meanwhile, others may be slower to accept change and operate more efficiently under a strict routine.

Find Out Their Taste in Fashion

You can learn quite a bit about a person without even talking to them by paying attention to their clothes. Are they a casual dresser? Are they up to date on the latest fashion trends? Do they prefer colorful, eccentric clothing? A person’s taste in fashion can give you insight about their personality. For example, fashion is a form of expression for some people, while others may be more laid back and not care as much about what they wear.

Listen to What They Say

Sometimes, learning to understand someone simply requires you to listen. Engage. Ask questions. When you show that you’re interested in what someone has to say, it can encourage them to open up to you. It’s also a great opportunity to explore not only what they feel and do, but why.

Check Out Their Social Media Posts

Social media is a window into someone’s life that can be easy to overlook. How people present themselves online is, in many cases, much different from how they present themselves in person. Looking at someone’s posts, photos and videos can give you a better look into their daily lives, hobbies and beliefs.

Reflect on New Perspectives

One of the greatest barriers many of us face in understanding other people is that we’re not other people. We’re unique individuals, and sometimes it’s hard to step into someone else’s shoes. But when we allow ourselves to reflect on perspectives that differ from ours, we can come closer to understanding those around us.

There’s no single tried-and-true method to understanding people, but you can learn so much by paying attention to their behaviors, interests and interactions. Having this knowledge and wisdom could change your life, both personally and professionally.

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