Self-Love: What It Really Means

Self-Love: What It Really Means

( – When we think of self-love, many of us imagine mountains of chocolate, evenings on Netflix and hot showers. But is that truly what self-love is?

Don’t get me wrong — it’s nice to treat yourself now and then, especially when you’re feeling down. But true self-love is a little bit different. Sometimes, it’s more about the changes you make in your life that can have long-term effects.

So what does self-love really mean?

As the YouTuber above simplifies so nicely in 11 steps, loving yourself can come in many different forms. Sometimes it’s learning self-acceptance. Other times, it may be setting goals and keeping them or putting an end to unhealthy relationships.

Simply taking time to appreciate small wins and committing to a healthier diet can help you take steps toward better confidence and a greater sense of purpose. Your mental and physical health are both major parts of the process!

Most importantly, self-love is often about taking responsibility and finding your way out of a bad situation, even when it’s hard. In some moments, it can be uncomfortable or challenging.

But isn’t it worth it in the end if it helps you live a happier, more fulfilled life?

~Here’s to Your Success!

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