How to Say NO Without Guilt

How to Say NO Without Guilt

( – Your co-worker invited you to go out with a group of girls you don’t like. Your neighbor just asked you to dog sit again and never pays you. You want to say no, but you just can’t. Why?

In this video, Sharon Stokes explains why you shouldn’t feel guilty about simply saying no.

It’s okay to want to avoid activities that irritate you or bring you extreme displeasure. That’s just one reason to say no — and you owe no one any explanations. Your time belongs to you, so own it. Here’s how to say no and not feel guilty in the process.

  • Listen to your gut. Your emotions and train of thought already have your best interest at heart. Deep down, you know what’s generated feelings of fear and anger in the past. If something doesn’t sit right, just say no.
  • Speak the truth. Feel guilty about saying no? Don’t. Always be true to yourself. Be the best version of yourself. There are no duplicates. If something doesn’t set right, just say it.
  • Release underlying burdens. We are people pleasers by nature. This makes us vulnerable to others. Release the burdens of making others happy before yourself. It’s okay to make your emotional well-being a priority.

Trust your instincts. It’s what protects you from harm. That inner voice that tells you to hold back is doing so for a reason. Stop with the guilt and love yourself enough for taking a step back. There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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